Are you ready to become an unforgettable speaker who effortlessly leaves people wanting more?

LIVE Mastermind Experience 

with Lisa Nichols

October 2-6, 2024

Lisa Nichols

What makes speakers unforgettable?

Most speakers are afraid of transparency because they don’t know where it will take them. They don’t have the skillset to harness their vulnerability and don’t know how to truly touch the souls of their audience. 

How do you reach through the camera, reach through the video, reach through the conference room, and touch someone’s soul?

That’s only possible when you know how to
command your soul to do the speaking.

You’ve built a successful business and lead with style. Now it’s time to connect your intellect with your soul to become UNFORGETTABLE.

It’s time to let your SOUL SPEAK.

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There isn’t anything comparable to this. I will tell you, I have already been trained by the most highly regarded professional speaking organization in the country and I did not get even 1/10 of what I got here. What I got here that I can apply into my speaking business and my speaking content is invaluable. No comparison. I know and I knew when I signed up that I was easily going to triple my investment. - Dr. C

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You are a successful high-performer who loves to serve others
  • You’re an effective speaker, but you know that without  cultivating a new skillset & personal permission, you’ll never be unforgettable
  • You know that the more you show of yourself, the stronger communicator you’ll be
  • You’re a leader who wants to push past your protective gear and share from your soul

If any of the above sounds like you, you’re exactly where you need to be, at exactly the right time.


Here’s the thing:

Speaking from your soul requires a level of personal development that most will never touch. It requires a deep sense of knowing, centeredness, spiritual groundedness, and self-awareness.

The most impactful leaders who run organizations, corporations, or nations have the innate ability to intertwine their soul AND their intellect, and can serve both to their audience at any time.

A big misconception is that you either have this ability, or you don’t, because few have learned how to teach it. The truth is, you can learn how to connect your soul and your intellect while mastering the ability to move your ego or your fear out of the way for a more impactful message every time you speak.

At the end of When My Soul Speaks, expect to:

  • Achieve a level of knowing, centeredness, spiritual groundedness, and self-awareness that allows you to speak from your core, and lead from your soul.
  • Stand out on ANY stage or platform, no matter how long or short your appearance is.
  • Know how to access what sits at the core of who you are -- You won’t need to share everything with your audience, but you’ll have access to do so if you choose.
  • Remove any Self-limitations and build your confidence by anchoring our techniques in your body.

Speaker Mastery Program Designed With You In Mind:

  • Monthly Virtual Application Labs & Deep Dives (Value $10K)
  • Speaker Advocate Coaching Feedback (Value$15K)
  • 5 Day In Person Full Immersion (Value $150K)
  • Live Feedback At Event (Value INSTANT UP-LEVELS)
  • Private Facebook Community (Value PRICELESS)
  • Video Resource Library (Value $5K) 

Sound like exactly where you need to be to level up?

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When My Soul Speaks is

A 5 day, in-person, interactive, experiential Mastermind where you’ll experience more “doing” than discussing.

A live, in-person classroom where you can get coached directly by Lisa  — learn, be seen, and get your questions answered in real time.

A community and container for you to connect with other high-caliber leaders on the same journey you are, hungry for this “next level” they know awaits them.

So now the only question left is:

Are you ready to let your SOUL SPEAK?
We’d love to have you join us.

LIVE Mastermind Experience 

with Lisa Nichols

Join Us October 2-6, 2024

What our Right Fit Client needs most:

  • Techniques & Templates
  • Clarity & Confidence
  • Processes & Practice
  • Mindset & Mentorship
  • Frameworks & Feedback

Our Big Why

Helping speakers, authors, coaches, influencers and corporate leaders Connect their Soul with their MESSAGE to become Unforgettable.

The Proven Path to becoming an Unforgettable Speaker

  • Clarify your vision and your Unique Soul Message (USM)
  • Build Your Confidence by anchoring our Individual techniques in your body
  • Remove any Self-limitations from commanding your soul to lead the conversation
  • Learn Technique Stacking to create necessary tension, turmoil, and triumph
  • Master the Story Creation Framework to create a series of signature stories
  • Practice-Present- Get Feedback-Perfect …..

The Roadmap to Impactful & Unforgettable

  • Milestone 1: Vision Application Lab
  • Milestone 2: Valley Recap Application Lab
  • Milestone 3: Big You Application Lab
  • Milestone 4: The Bridge Application Lab
  • Milestone 5: Protective Gear Removal Deep Dive
  • Milestone 6: Soul Discovery Deep Dive
  • Milestone 7: Practice: Embodiment Deep Dive
  • Milestone 8: Technique Stacking Deep Dive
  • Milestone 9: Content & Soul Integration Deep Dive
  • Milestone 10: Stand, Deliver & Receive

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is When My Soul Speaks?

When My Soul Speaks is an unforgettable speaker mastery course. You will have live online Application Labs being taught by MTM Facilitators, plus a 5 day in person deep dive mastermind where you practice, present, get feedback, and perfect what you learned with Lisa Nichols, Sean Smith and coaches who have been trained by Lisa Nichols. It’s about putting your knowledge into action so that you see real results and progress.

When does the program begin?

The program starts at Ignite Live at the Welcome Celebration. We kick-off the program with our Onboarding and Application Lab sessions. You will get access to the exclusive portal that has bonus sessions with Lisa Nichols and Speaker Advocate Coaches. As well as your Keap subscription will begin with your onboarding sessions.

Where does the program take place?

This is a hybrid program, so the sessions happen from the comfort of your own home or whatever environment you choose via Zoom! The 5 day in person deep dive mastermind will take place in Albuquerque, New Mexico (you’ll get all the details once you save your seat!). 

What if I can’t attend a session live? Can I watch it later?

Each Zoom session is recorded and the replay will be posted in your When My Soul Speaks membership portal within 72 business hours. The in person deep dive mastermind will not be recorded or distributed. The portal will also include all bonuses & materials that will help you succeed! You will have access to the portal for 1 year from the date your program starts.

Does Lisa Nichols teach during this program?

Yes! Lisa Nichols will be coaching and guiding you in person at the 5 day deep dive mastermind in New Mexico!

How is When My Soul Speaks different from other courses?

This program includes live online Application Labs plus in person Deep Dive sessions. When My Soul Speaks is the one place where you will receive in-person deep dive coaching with Lisa Nichols and Sean Smith.

What will I learn?

When My Soul Speaks is a program that is a “hands-on mastery experience” where you clarify your vision and your Unique Soul Message through technique stacking and story creation framework. You will also be able to Stand, Deliver, and Receive feedback directly from Lisa Nichols and Sean Smith in person.

Who Is When My Soul Speaks For?

Who’s right for When My Soul Speaks?

Anyone ready and committed to have their voice heard and their message ready for any audience. Someone who knows that every platform is a stage and would like better insight on how to not only get ready but stay ready for every speaking opportunity that is available to them. Anyone who is ready to stand up, knees shaking and teeth chattering because it’s time, regardless of if they are on their speaking journey.

Who’s not right for this program?

This program isn’t right for anyone who is not interested in speaking, sharing, expressing their message, or their voice.

I’m already a professional speaker…

Professional speakers are more than welcome, in fact they are encouraged! When My Soul Speaks teaches directly from the techniques Lisa Nichols uses when speaking. When My Soul Speaks teaches you not only how to speak, but how to engage the room in a unique way that will isolate you from the crowd. Speaking is an ever-growing skill that we are constantly learning and improving on! Think of it as a muscle that needs training! It’s always worth investing in new techniques and expert knowledge to deepen your speaking ability.

Will the When My Soul Speaks program work for me if I don’t have a business?

Absolutely! Speakers can be business owners, however, they do not have to be. As a leader, you are a speaker. As an author, you are a speaker. As a trainer, you are a speaker. As a teacher, you are a speaker. Anything you are, any time you have to express yourself and have your message be heard, you are a speaker.

My business is different — will this work for my industry?

Yes, speaking is an industry-standard. Understanding how to have people hear you and understand how your business will benefit them is just one aspect of Lisa’s speaking techniques for any business.

Will this work if I’m outside of North America?

Definitely! We have many global alumni of our speaking programs. You will want to plan your travel to New Mexico (USA) at least 90 days in advance.

Do I need to be technically savvy to take When My Soul Speaks?

We use Zoom to host our sessions from November 2023 - March 2024. And you will need internet access.

Ask Yourself This:

What would your soul say if you removed the need to protect, to prove, defend, or hide?

How would your soul sound if it led the conversation, versus your intellect?

How many more people would you touch and inspire if your soul were more highly integrated into every message that you spoke?

How would people choose you differently, trust you more, and follow you more consistently, if they felt your soul every time you shared?

It’s time to let your SOUL SPEAK.

It’s time to let your SOUL SPEAK.

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